Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Halloween Coutndown #28: Monster Memory Game

Here's something fun with the Universal monsters from a few years ago off the Virginia State Lottery site. I managed to save this matching game before the site went down. It's one of those things where you click on each square one at a time to finding two of the same image. When you do, the squares reveal part of the photo of a Universal monster. When you complete the puzzle, the entire image is revealed. There's a different monster and caption each time you play, and most of the Universal monsters are featured as the final photo. Two of the links in the lower left corner of the game don't work right, since the game isn't being played on the website it came from. "Pause Music" actually refers to the wolf howling sound you hear....doesn't work now. You get the sound each time you get a correct matching pair of images. The "Quit Game" link will close that browser window the game is in. To download this to play offline, there's a download link in the Comment area for an .exe version I made. Have fun playing, and this also might be a fun one for the kids!